Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pre Blog nails 2!!

French tips with blue and clear rhinestones. I liked these but while waiting for them to dry I messed em up so I never got to wear em out!! Natural nails.
French tips with a twist!! Grrr!! LOL! I Loved these and got a lot of compliments on them! A little sweet, a little naughty! False nails.
These had a kind of tropical feel to yeah? Another set a lot of peeps seemed to like! Natural nails.
I had a bride to be fall in love with these!! Natural nails.
My wild child nails!! Natural nails.
These are a fav of mine which I plan on redoing soon now that I have better nail art stuff! Natural nails.
My first St Patricks Day nails. I loved these but the striping tape kept snagging and got on my last nerve!! False nails.
When I had to cut my nails I did this to make myself feel better! Turned out really cute!

Some of these are my own design, some I got off YouTube tutorials and tweaked, some I straight up copied! I can't give credit because i don't remember now but from now on if I use a YouTube video i will put a link up for it. K?!!

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