Friday, July 22, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Busy nah just lazy!

I've done my nails twice lol and no posts! Wow I am a terrible blogger. My 4th of July nails were cute to me especially since I did them in the car!
I also did a purple eyeshadow look which you can't really see any details of but it turned out super pretty. It was my favorite. Though it never saw the light of day sadly. About ten seconds after applying I took it off and went night night lol.
And then there were my Nautical nails which were super detailed and time consuming! Sigh... Just kidding they were easy for the most part. But the beads were a bitch lol.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Well Yelloooow!!!

Today I went with a very bright yellow as it seems to be a very popular color on the runways and in the magazines. It's a pretty color from Jordana cosmetics. A highlighter yellow with a pearly shimmer. The only thing is it has lousy pigment so you have to really pack in on the eye to even see it.

Because the color is so... whoa! I decided not to add much else. All I did was take a medium gray shadow and wet my brush and lined my eyes! Simple but effective! Pale pink lips with Rimmel vinyl lips lipgloss and Voila! I was done!!
The husbands prefers my naked face so he was kinda meh about it but everyone else liked it! Happy Sunday! Muah!! Oh let me get that gloss off your face....... lol!

Friday, June 24, 2011

I Have The Blues Baby!

Well this ended up being a very dramatic, dark, smokey look when I had originally intended it to be much more playful lol. Unfortunately my junk webcam not only omits all the great shades in this look but makes me look uber tired. Actually the look was very peacocky in person with royal blues, blue-greens, blue-gold and a blue that that had a deep purple to it.I really liked it even though I am not used to so much drama on my eyes! Bubblegum pink lips and pale pink on the cheeks and I was done ready for a night out ( or a night in with Rachel Ray on the t.v.)! Avon lip tints on the lips. Everything else: Glamourdolleyes (blue ribbon), Mary Kay (velocity shadow box), Sally Girl (aqua), Markwins (blue gold), No name(white pearl), Ulta (liquid liner black)& lipgloss(clear pink), Kohl Kajal, Rimmellondon (curves mascara).

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Green... not With Envy Though

This look was my green look where i once again made use of Glamourdolleyes I used Immature and Chocoholic. I also used Jordana shadow a great gold green that the sticker wore off of. Sahree!! Of course I put my cheapo set to use! Which the back says Markwins I used a soft minty green from that pallette. And my liquid liner from Ulta Clear Jordana lipgloss (coconut scent) over Clinique lipstick Twinkle. A bit of a brick with a touch of gold blush from the Markwins set and.... Done!! By the way I am so sorry about the crappy quality of my photos but with my phone lost all I have is my webcam and it sorta blows! But new phone soon!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

At Least His Head is Cooler....

So the other night my hubby and I looked at my 12 year old's fairly long hair and decided that he needed a hair cut. Especially since it was already 102 outside ( yikes! ). So we determined a fauxhawk was a look my handsome man could rock. That and it was low maintenance enough that his iffy pre-teen hygiene could stand up to it.
So we went to and looked up tutorials on fauxhawks. Once we were confident in our abilities as amateur barbers we grabbed the clippers and proceeded to..... shave his hair all one length promising when it grew out a bit before school we'd take him to a qualified professional who would ensure his mack daddy status in 7th grade.
For now..... at least his head is cooler.

Pink for a Rainy Day!

I used probably 5 different shadows for this lol which is funny cuz it's not like I was going anywhere. But I put my shade Unicorn to good use. I also used a baby pink, a mauve, a silver pink and a black all from a cheapo set I got for Christmas which I love. Liquid eyeliner from and mascara from which I like but don't love. On my lips I used a peachy nude with a touch of hot pink also from said cheapo set. I don't have my nails done cuz I was giving my naturals a break but break over so I'll be doing them soon.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Helloooo..... Kitty!!

Sorry about the crap quality of the pic I had to use my web cam cuz I lost my phone! But I like these simple sexy red nails with one white nail with Hello Kitty's adorable face peeking at ya! i will try to put up at least one better quality picture soon.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Zebra Nails Your Mom can't Sneer at!

I did these based off a photo I saw
online. Hers were more professional looking but I thought I did pretty well. I have posted the pic so visit her site. No offense intended just found inspiration and wanted to share. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Monday, May 16, 2011

My party nails!!!

We had a party to go to this weekend past, so I wanted a mani that was noticeable. I started with one design in mind, something a bit more delicate, but my soft pink was out and my son bought me this uber pink striper polish for mothers day so once I put it on my idea changed lol. It turned out pretty great but I am not a professional or left handed so it has its flaws. All in all I liked it alot and was complimented quite a bit!
Natural light
Yellow light
White light
The problem with rhinestones is they never look as good when u put on ur topcoat!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Oh and take my advice crawfish and Vodka do not mix soooo avoid if u can lol.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

¡¡Silly Dots!!

Did these just for fun after I messed up my old pedi. They're actually what I should have done for Cinco de Mayo as they have a festive feel. Happy Mother's Day y'all!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hair today...

I decide to do half up half down with my hair because while my curls looked decent the top of my hair was just too poofy to leave it down.
I used an eyeliner brush to smudge my kohl kajal around my eyes which softened the look. I mixed my lipsticks until I
got the perfect petal pink. I layered my lipgloss on thick in the center of my mouth to achieve a fuller look. I'd tell u what I was wearing but it was crappy soooo... lol!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

What I did with my curls today

I kept it simple today because my curls were actually looking good. I took a headband and pushed it up high. Lol. That's it! Simple yeah? But it looked nice enough for the hubby to notice. :)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

My toes today!!

Wanted something bright and springy and sweet lol!

Pre Blog nails 2!!

French tips with blue and clear rhinestones. I liked these but while waiting for them to dry I messed em up so I never got to wear em out!! Natural nails.
French tips with a twist!! Grrr!! LOL! I Loved these and got a lot of compliments on them! A little sweet, a little naughty! False nails.
These had a kind of tropical feel to yeah? Another set a lot of peeps seemed to like! Natural nails.
I had a bride to be fall in love with these!! Natural nails.
My wild child nails!! Natural nails.
These are a fav of mine which I plan on redoing soon now that I have better nail art stuff! Natural nails.
My first St Patricks Day nails. I loved these but the striping tape kept snagging and got on my last nerve!! False nails.
When I had to cut my nails I did this to make myself feel better! Turned out really cute!

Some of these are my own design, some I got off YouTube tutorials and tweaked, some I straight up copied! I can't give credit because i don't remember now but from now on if I use a YouTube video i will put a link up for it. K?!!

Some nail designs i did prior to starting this blog!

My Christmas nails inspired by the ribbon I'm holding which was my bow for my tree.

I did this for St. Patricks Day. It's a bit blurry because its the only way I could get the holographic glitter to show! :(

Friday, April 29, 2011

These were my Easter nails feminine, flowery, artistic and still conservative enough to wear to my church lol!

Came to the realization that after losing four pounds I then turned around and gained five back lol. Wtf!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter nails and Orange lips

Its Funny.....
I designed this blog because i wanted to be heard... but now I'm not sure what to say lol. i did my nails last night and after redoing them 3 times i finally ended up with a yellow base with pink and orange-red sponge. Then I put dried flowers and green rhinestones on the thumb and ring finger. It's pretty and Easter-y.

I also got a bit depressed watching Julie&Julia. Why? Because seriously how often does life get better that easily? How many people get an idea and Bam! lifes good? I love a great many things.. I am pretty good at a few things but I don't see my whole world smoothing out because of them. Oh well.

I also decided to test out the orange lips trend how'd i do?