Thursday, June 23, 2011

Green... not With Envy Though

This look was my green look where i once again made use of Glamourdolleyes I used Immature and Chocoholic. I also used Jordana shadow a great gold green that the sticker wore off of. Sahree!! Of course I put my cheapo set to use! Which the back says Markwins I used a soft minty green from that pallette. And my liquid liner from Ulta Clear Jordana lipgloss (coconut scent) over Clinique lipstick Twinkle. A bit of a brick with a touch of gold blush from the Markwins set and.... Done!! By the way I am so sorry about the crappy quality of my photos but with my phone lost all I have is my webcam and it sorta blows! But new phone soon!

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