Sunday, June 26, 2011

Well Yelloooow!!!

Today I went with a very bright yellow as it seems to be a very popular color on the runways and in the magazines. It's a pretty color from Jordana cosmetics. A highlighter yellow with a pearly shimmer. The only thing is it has lousy pigment so you have to really pack in on the eye to even see it.

Because the color is so... whoa! I decided not to add much else. All I did was take a medium gray shadow and wet my brush and lined my eyes! Simple but effective! Pale pink lips with Rimmel vinyl lips lipgloss and Voila! I was done!!
The husbands prefers my naked face so he was kinda meh about it but everyone else liked it! Happy Sunday! Muah!! Oh let me get that gloss off your face....... lol!

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